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Jack Malaga

- Jun 3, 2020 5:30 PM EDT

Great food and great service. Been going there for years and they don’t disappoint. Ordering takeout tonight. Michelle does a fantastic job. Often times making homemade soups and other wonderful dishes.

Chelsea Garcia

- Apr 29, 2020 9:03 PM EDT

Picked up food to go tonight and it was incredible! I asked if they could make me up an aioli tonight and they did! It was a garlic aioli and it was incredible with the rosemary Parmesan fries! The burger and onion rings were awesome! I loved how taking a bite didn’t pull out the whole onion! And last but not least were the pierogis and they were great too! Awesome price for the quality and quantity of food!


- Apr 21, 2020 3:28 PM EDT

We moved to Richfield about 8 months ago and Teschner's has been a great surprise. Great burgers and wings! We also really enjoy Taco Tuesdays. Service is always excellent and friendly.

Cathie Vossler

- Mar 27, 2020 4:21 PM EDT

My husband Dave & love this place. The food is delicious and everyone there is friendly! Always a great experience.

Sandy Walker

- Mar 1, 2020 12:59 AM EST

This was our first time. The place looks unappealing from the outside, the inside is clean, but I would like to see it in the day light. As we walked in, I asked a man wiping the table if someone will seat us, no sit wherever you want to sit. We waited about 15 minutes for the same man that told me to sit wherever we want to, took our drink order. After another 15 minutes we received our drinks and we were given menus. You couldn't read the menu without using the candle on the table or the light on your phone. Waiting another 20 minutes he came and asked if a server took our order and I said no, and he said, well your menus were to the side so it means we gave our order. I was reprimanded. The only server that was there was he, himself that gave us our drinks, who was very cocky from the moment we came into the restaurant We then ordered the pammy burger, which I said sammy and was told, no pammy burger, another reprimand. My girlfriend told him, she will have the same as I, but then said she wanted onions and he said, you said, you wanted the same as your friend. What, she can't change her mind. Another reprimand. The server was more interested in the family that are regulars. Two couples were waiting by the door and no one acknowledged them, so they walked out. The burger was brought out by someone else in about 25 minutes, which was good, but the service and the server was terrible. We did not have any condiments, but the other two tables, the cocky server made sure they had condiments, so I went up to the bar and asked the bartender for mustard. The cocky server never once came and asked if we needed anything, as he passed our table many times to make sure the regular customers were taken care of. We asked for a box and our check which took awhile before we received it and the check was not our check, so I went up to the bar to tell him this is not our check. He looked at me like what do you mean and after sometime he came with our check. My friend and I were very, very unhappy with the service and the cocky server, so we did not leave a generous tip. We left and going to our car, low and behold who should come out to my car and say you forgot your change which was thirty nine cents, was the cocky server we had. I know he did this purposely, and we said, no we didn't forget the change, the service was terrible and you were very cocky and we will never come back here and my friend told him she was a server and the service was terrible and not acceptable.

John Waugaman

- Aug 19, 2019 12:46 PM EDT

Food was great. The bartender was just average service. But he really hurt anything he had going for him when he followed me out to my car and embarrassed me in front of my family, The 3 guys riding harleys, complaining about the 10 percent tip I left him. First of all. Tips aren't mandatory. I spent $30.00 on food and tipped him 20% on my food.6 dollars and some change. Secondly. He doesn't even deserve a job acting the way he did. I drank one bloody Mary. I was not intoxicated.i bought my other 3 guests 1 round of drinks. I left him a fair amount in my eyes for his service. Then I walked back in to confront him about what he said outside to me he said I was threatening him and then he threatened to call the police on me. Very unprofessional guy. Then he goes on to say I am not welcome back there and told my brother not to bring me back not allowed back in. Who does this guy think he is. I would like some feedback from the owner please.


- Mar 5, 2019 9:04 AM EST

All I can say is FANTASTIC! Everything! The Steak dinner is literally the best steak I have ever had. The burgers are amazing and the wings, what can I say. Perfect in everyway. The staff is beyond wonderful. It is kid friendly as well. The place has a Great crowd all arevery welcoming.

Sandi Asazawa

- Aug 15, 2018 6:17 PM EDT

The food was absolutely delicious . The perogies were to die for ! Also the staff is friendly and welcoming. Don’t be thrown off by the way the place looks from the outside . Clean and great!!


- Mar 15, 2018 4:24 PM EDT

The ribeye steak dinner was the best steak I have ever had! They grilled it on an open flame to perfection, Med-rare. The seasoning was amazing. The baked potato was extremely crispy on the outside with fluffy potato on the inside. Amazing! My new place!

Danielle Overton

- Mar 7, 2018 3:20 PM EST

Food is phenomenal! Beyond "bar" food, and great drinks to boot!

Steve Schafle

- Oct 18, 2017 2:17 PM EDT

The food here is great! So is the management!

Eric Vittardi

- Feb 1, 2017 7:19 AM EST

I always feel comfortable at Teschner's. Good people that are always welcoming and treat you like a friend.